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The yellow window to the right shows up on every map in the city guide. Just play around with the buttons: it is pretty straightforward.

For specific questions you may consult the FAQ page.

Click here to access the complete Map Legend.


The YellowMaps map engine has been tested on PCs running Windows, and either Internet Explorer 4+ or Netscape Navigator 6.02+. JavaScript must be turned on in the browser options. Mac OS support is planned for September, 2005.

For you to test: your PC is fit for the YellowMaps Map Engine, if you see an image like the one below in the City Guide. Note specifically that the map engine works correctly, if you see this in the scale bar on the bottom left: e.g. '0.9km / 0.6miles'.

If you only see '0.9 / 0.6', i.e. without the km/miles in the scale bar, your computer in its current configuration does not fit the compatibility requirements for the YellowMaps Map Engine. This occurs on some Macintosh computers, or when your browser is not configured correctly.

How to Use the Map
Open a fullscreen window, or press 'F11' (fullscreen mode).
Close window

Follow the instructions in the upper left corner of the map, below the city name.

Browse the map by moving your mouse over the icons that represent certain business categories.

You can pan the map by clicking & dragging.

Clicking on a map icon will provide you with more info about the business.
Use the large red buttons underneath the map window to:

  • SEARCH for a Business, street, or anything else.
  • CHANGE to another CITY map.
  • OPEN a FULLSCREEN window.
  • navigate one page BACK.
  • SHOW ALL business icons.
  • HIDE ALL business icons.
Browse the legend, and click on a category. Only icons of your choice will appear on the map...

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