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Lousiana map is a terrain map of Louisiana State, showing evelevation in color, all major highways, cities, rivers, and lakes.

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Lousiana Map


4,600,000 (22nd in US)

Baton Rouge

Pelican State

10 largest cities:

  1. New Orleans, 480k
  2. Baton Rouge, 230k
  3. Shreveport, 210k
  4. Lafayette, 115k
  5. Lake Charles, 75k
  6. Kenner, 70k
  7. Bossier City, 60k
  8. Monroe, 55k
  9. Alexandria, 45k
  10. New Iberia, 35k

Counties: 64

State Parks: 30

The numbers contained in this information are approximate values of 2004.


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