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1. California: 35,700,000

2. Texas: 22,500,000

3. New York: 19,200,000

4. Florida: 17,500,000

5. Illinois: 13,000,000

6. Pennsylvania: 12,400,000

7. Ohio: 11,500,000

8. Michigan: 10,300,000

9. Georgia: 9,000,000

10. New Jersey: 8,700,000

11. North Carolina: 8,500,000

12. Virginia: 7,450,000

13. Massachusetts: 6,500,000

14. Indiana: 6,400,000

15. Washington: 6,200,000

16. Tennessee: 5,900,000

17. Missouri: 5,800,000

18. Arizona: 5,600,000

19. Maryland: 5,550,000

20. Wisconsin: 5,500,000

21. Minnesota: 5,200,000

22. Louisiana: 4,600,000

23. Colorado: 4,600,000

24. Alabama: 4,500,000

25. Kentucky: 4,200,000

26. South Carolina: 4,200,000

27. Oregon: 3,600,000

28. Oklahoma: 3,550,000

29. Connecticut: 3,500,000

30. Iowa: 3,000,000

31. Mississippi: 2,900,000

32. Kansas: 2,800,000

33. Arkansas: 2,700,000

34. Utah: 2,400,000

35. Nevada: 2,300,000

36. New Mexico: 1,900,000

37. Nebraska: 1,800,000

38. West Virginia: 1,800,000

39. Idaho: 1,380,000

40. Maine: 1,350,000

41. New Hampshire: 1,300,000

42. Hawaii: 1,300,000

43. Rhode Island: 1,100,000

44. Montana: 920,000

45. Delaware: 820,000

46. South Dakota: 760,000

47. Alaska: 650,000

48. North Dakota: 630,000

49. Vermont: 620,000

50. Wyoming: 500,000

Numbers are approximate values of 2004.
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