USGS topographic maps

View 55,000+ United States Geological Survey topo maps online - buy paper maps

Click on your area of choice on the map below to see the 1:250,000 scale topo map. You can then navigate through to 1:100,000 scale and 1:24,000 scale maps for all 48 contiguous U.S. states. These maps are available for online viewing, and purchase as USGS paper maps, and digital collections of map images on DVD.

USGS topo map index 49094a1 Kenora topo quad48124a1 Cape Flattery topo quad48122a1 Victoria topo quad48120a1 Concrete topo quad48118a1 Okanogan topo quad48116a1 Sandpoint topo quad48114a1 Kalispell topo quad48112a1 Cut Bank topo quad48110a1 Shelby topo quad48108a1 Havre topo quad48106a1 Glasgow topo quad48104a1 Wolf Point topo quad48102a1 Williston topo quad48100a1 Minot topo quad48098a1 Devils Lake topo quad48096a1 Thief River Falls topo quad48094a1 Roseau topo quad48092a1 International Falls topo quad48090a1 Quetico topo quad48088a1 Thunder Bay topo quad47124a1 Copalis Beach topo quad47122a1 Seattle topo quad47120a1 Wenatchee topo quad47118a1 Ritzville topo quad47116a1 Spokane topo quad47114a1 Wallace topo quad47112a1 Choteau topo quad47110a1 Great Falls topo quad47108a1 Lewistown topo quad47106a1 Jordan topo quad47104a1 Glendive topo quad47102a1 Watford City topo quad47100a1 Mc Clusky topo quad47098a1 New Rockford topo quad47096a1 Grand Forks topo quad47094a1 Bemidji topo quad47092a1 Hibbing topo quad47090a1 Two Harbors topo quad47088a1 Hancock topo quad47086a1 East of Hancock topo quad47068a1 Edmundston topo quad47066a1 Campbellton topo quad46124a1 Cape Disappointment topo quad46122a1 Hoquiam topo quad46120a1 Yakima topo quad46118a1 Walla Walla topo quad46116a1 Pullman topo quad46114a1 Hamilton topo quad46112a1 Butte topo quad46110a1 White Sulphur Springs topo quad46108a1 Roundup topo quad46106a1 Forsyth topo quad46104a1 Miles City topo quad46102a1 Dickinson topo quad46100a1 Bismarck topo quad46098a1 Jamestown topo quad46096a1 Fargo topo quad46094a1 Brainerd topo quad46092a1 Duluth topo quad46090a1 Ashland topo quad46088a1 Iron River topo quad46086a1 Marquette topo quad46084a1 Sault Sainte Marie topo quad46082a1 Blind River topo quad46070a1 Quebec topo quad46068a1 Presque Isle topo quad46066a1 Woodstock topo quad45122a1 Vancouver topo quad45120a1 The Dalles topo quad45118a1 Pendleton topo quad45116a1 Grangeville topo quad45114a1 Elk City topo quad45112a1 Dillon topo quad45110a1 Bozeman topo quad45108a1 Billings topo quad45106a1 Hardin topo quad45104a1 Ekalaka topo quad45102a1 Lemmon topo quad45100a1 Mc Intosh topo quad45098a1 Aberdeen topo quad45096a1 Milbank topo quad45094a1 St Cloud topo quad45092a1 Stillwater topo quad45090a1 Rice Lake topo quad45088a1 Iron Mtn topo quad45086a1 Escanaba topo quad45084a1 Cheboygan topo quad45082a1 Alpena topo quad45074a1 North of Ogdensburg topo quad45070a1 Sherbrooke topo quad45068a1 Millinocket topo quad45066a1 Fredericton topo quad44124a1 West of Salem topo quad44122a1 Salem topo quad44120a1 Bend topo quad44118a1 Canyon City topo quad44116a1 Baker topo quad44114a1 Challis topo quad44112a1 Dubois topo quad44110a1 Ashton topo quad44108a1 Cody topo quad44106a1 Sheridan topo quad44104a1 Gillette topo quad44102a1 Rapid City topo quad44100a1 Pierre topo quad44098a1 Huron topo quad44096a1 Watertown topo quad44094a1 New Ulm topo quad44092a1 St Paul topo quad44090a1 Eau Clare topo quad44088a1 Green Bay topo quad44086a1 Manitowoc topo quad44084a1 Traverse City topo quad44082a1 Tawas City topo quad44076a1 Kingston topo quad44074a1 Ogdensburg topo quad44072a1 Lake Champlain topo quad44070a1 Lewiston topo quad44068a1 Bangor topo quad44066a1 Eastport topo quad43124a1 Coos Bay topo quad43122a1 Roseburg topo quad43120a1 Crescent topo quad43118a1 Burns topo quad43116a1 Boise topo quad43114a1 Hailey topo quad43112a1 Idaho Falls topo quad43110a1 Driggs topo quad43108a1 Thermopolis topo quad43106a1 Arminto topo quad43104a1 Newcastle topo quad43102a1 Hot Springs topo quad43100a1 Martin topo quad43098a1 Mitchell topo quad43096a1 Sioux Falls topo quad43094a1 Fairmont topo quad43092a1 Mason City topo quad43090a1 La Crosse topo quad43088a1 Madison topo quad43086a1 Milwaukee topo quad43084a1 Midland topo quad43082a1 Flint topo quad43078a1 Toronto topo quad43076a1 Rochester topo quad43074a1 Utica topo quad43072a1 Glens Falls topo quad43070a1 Portland topo quad43068a1 Bath topo quad42124a1 Coos Bay topo quad42122a1 Medford topo quad42120a1 Klamath Falls topo quad42118a1 Adel topo quad42116a1 Jordan Valley topo quad42114a1 Twin Falls topo quad42112a1 Pocatello topo quad42110a1 Preston topo quad42108a1 Lander topo quad42106a1 Casper topo quad42104a1 Torrington topo quad42102a1 Alliance topo quad42100a1 Valentine topo quad42098a1 O'Neill topo quad42096a1 Sioux City topo quad42094a1 Ft Dodge topo quad42092a1 Waterloo topo quad42090a1 Dubuque topo quad42088a1 Rockford topo quad42086a1 Racine topo quad42084a1 Grand Rapids topo quad42082a1 Detroit topo quad42080a1 Erie topo quad42078a1 Buffalo topo quad42076a1 Elmira topo quad42074a1 Binghamton topo quad42072a1 Albany topo quad42070a1 Boston topo quad41124a1 Eureka topo quad41122a1 Weed topo quad41120a1 Alturas topo quad41118a1 Vya topo quad41116a1 Mc Dermitt topo quad41114a1 Wells topo quad41112a1 Brigham City topo quad41110a1 Ogden topo quad41108a1 Rock Springs topo quad41106a1 Rawlins topo quad41104a1 Cheyenne topo quad41102a1 Scottsbluff topo quad41100a1 North Platte topo quad41098a1 Broken Bow topo quad41096a1 Fremont topo quad41094a1 Omaha topo quad41092a1 Des Moines topo quad41090a1 Davenport topo quad41088a1 Aurora topo quad41086a1 Chicago topo quad41084a1 Ft Wayne topo quad41082a1 Toledo topo quad41080a1 Cleveland topo quad41078a1 Warren topo quad41076a1 Williamsport topo quad41074a1 Scranton topo quad41072a1 Hartford topo quad41070a1 Providence topo quad41068a1 Chatham topo quad40124a1 Eureka topo quad40122a1 Redding topo quad40120a1 Susanville topo quad40118a1 Lovelock topo quad40116a1 Winnemucca topo quad40114a1 Elko topo quad40112a1 Tooele topo quad40110a1 Salt Lake City topo quad40108a1 Vernal topo quad40106a1 Craig topo quad40104a1 Greeley topo quad40102a1 Sterling topo quad40100a1 Mc Cook topo quad40098a1 Grand Island topo quad40096a1 Lincoln topo quad40094a1 Nebraska City topo quad40092a1 Centerville topo quad40090a1 Burlington topo quad40088a1 Peoria topo quad40086a1 Danville topo quad40084a1 Muncie topo quad40082a1 Marion topo quad40080a1 Canton topo quad40078a1 Pittsburgh topo quad40076a1 Harrisburg topo quad40074a1 Newark topo quad40072a1 New York topo quad39122a1 Ukiah topo quad39120a1 Chico topo quad39118a1 Reno topo quad39116a1 Millett topo quad39114a1 Ely topo quad39112a1 Delta topo quad39110a1 Price topo quad39108a1 Grand Junction topo quad39106a1 Leadville topo quad39104a1 Denver topo quad39102a1 Limon topo quad39100a1 Goodland topo quad39098a1 Beloit topo quad39096a1 Manhatten topo quad39094a1 Kansas City topo quad39092a1 Moberly topo quad39090a1 Quincy topo quad39088a1 Decatur topo quad39086a1 Indianapolis topo quad39084a1 Cincinnati topo quad39082a1 Columbus topo quad39080a1 Clarksburg topo quad39078a1 Cumberland topo quad39076a1 Baltimore topo quad39074a1 Wilmington topo quad38122a1 Santa Rosa topo quad38120a1 Sacramento topo quad38118a1 Walker Lake topo quad38116a1 Tonopah topo quad38114a1 Lund topo quad38112a1 Richfield topo quad38110a1 Salina topo quad38108a1 Moab topo quad38106a1 Montrose topo quad38104a1 Pueblo topo quad38102a1 Lamar topo quad38100a1 Scott City topo quad38098a1 Great Bend topo quad38096a1 Hutchinson topo quad38094a1 Lawrence topo quad38092a1 Jefferson City topo quad38090a1 St Louis topo quad38088a1 Belleville topo quad38086a1 Vincennes topo quad38084a1 Louisville topo quad38082a1 Huntington topo quad38080a1 Charleston topo quad38078a1 Charlottesville topo quad38076a1 Washington topo quad38074a1 Salisbury topo quad37122a1 San Francisco topo quad37120a1 San Jose topo quad37118a1 Mariposa topo quad37116a1 Goldfield topo quad37114a1 Caliente topo quad37112a1 Cedar City topo quad37110a1 Escalante topo quad37108a1 Cortez topo quad37106a1 Durango topo quad37104a1 Trinidad topo quad37102a1 La Junta topo quad37100a1 Dodge City topo quad37098a1 Pratt topo quad37096a1 Wichita topo quad37094a1 Joplin topo quad37092a1 Springfield topo quad37090a1 Rolla topo quad37088a1 Paducah topo quad37086a1 Evansville topo quad37084a1 Winchester topo quad37082a1 Jenkins topo quad37080a1 Bluefield topo quad37078a1 Roanoke topo quad37076a1 Richmond topo quad37074a1 Eastville topo quad36122a1 Santa Cruz topo quad36120a1 Monterey topo quad36118a1 Fresno topo quad36116a1 Death Valley topo quad36114a1 Las Vegas topo quad36112a1 Grand Canyon topo quad36110a1 Marble Canyon topo quad36108a1 Shiprock topo quad36106a1 Aztec topo quad36104a1 Raton topo quad36102a1 Dalhart topo quad36100a1 Perryton topo quad36098a1 Woodward topo quad36096a1 Enid topo quad36094a1 Tulsa topo quad36092a1 Harrison topo quad36090a1 Poplar Bluff topo quad36088a1 Dyersburg topo quad36086a1 Nashville topo quad36084a1 Corbin topo quad36082a1 Johnson City topo quad36080a1 Winston-Salem topo quad36078a1 Greensboro topo quad36076a1 Norfolk topo quad36074a1 Currituck Sound topo quad35120a1 San Luis Obispo topo quad35118a1 Bakersfield topo quad35116a1 Trona topo quad35114a1 Kingman topo quad35112a1 Williams topo quad35110a1 Flagstaff topo quad35108a1 Gallup topo quad35106a1 Albuquerque topo quad35104a1 Santa Fe topo quad35102a1 Tucumcari topo quad35100a1 Amarillo topo quad35098a1 Clinton topo quad35096a1 Oklahoma City topo quad35094a1 Ft Smith topo quad35092a1 Russelville topo quad35090a1 Memphis topo quad35088a1 Blytheville topo quad35086a1 Columbia topo quad35084a1 Chattanooga topo quad35082a1 Knoxville topo quad35080a1 Charlotte topo quad35078a1 Raleigh topo quad35076a1 Rocky Mount topo quad35074a1 Manteo topo quad34120a1 Santa Maria topo quad34118a1 Los Angeles topo quad34116a1 San Bernardino topo quad34114a1 Needles topo quad34112a1 Prescott topo quad34110a1 Holbrook topo quad34108a1 St Johns topo quad34106a1 Socorro topo quad34104a1 Ft Sumner topo quad34102a1 Clovis topo quad34100a1 Plainview topo quad34098a1 Lawton topo quad34096a1 Ardmore topo quad34094a1 Mc Alester topo quad34092a1 Little Rock topo quad34090a1 Helena topo quad34088a1 Tupelo topo quad34086a1 Gadsden topo quad34084a1 Rome topo quad34082a1 Greenville topo quad34080a1 Spartanburg topo quad34078a1 Florence topo quad34076a1 Beaufort topo quad33118a1 Long Beach topo quad33116a1 Santa Ana topo quad33114a1 Salton Sea topo quad33112a1 Phoenix topo quad33110a1 Mesa topo quad33108a1 Clifton topo quad33106a1 Tularosa topo quad33104a1 Roswell topo quad33102a1 Brownfield topo quad33100a1 Lubbock topo quad33098a1 Wichita Falls topo quad33096a1 Sherman topo quad33094a1 Texarkana topo quad33092a1 El Dorado topo quad33090a1 Greenwood topo quad33088a1 West Point topo quad33086a1 Birmingham topo quad33084a1 Atlanta topo quad33082a1 Athens topo quad33080a1 Augusta topo quad33078a1 Georgetown topo quad33076a1 East of Georgetown topo quad32116a1 San Diego topo quad32114a1 El Centro topo quad32112a1 Ajo topo quad32110a1 Tucson topo quad32108a1 Silver City topo quad32106a1 Las Cruces topo quad32104a1 Carlsbad topo quad32102a1 Hobbs topo quad32100a1 Big Spring topo quad32098a1 Abilene topo quad32096a1 Dallas topo quad32094a1 Tyler topo quad32092a1 Shreveport topo quad32090a1 Jackson topo quad32088a1 Meridian topo quad32086a1 Montgomery topo quad32084a1 Phenix City topo quad32082a1 Macon topo quad32080a1 Savannah topo quad32078a1 James Island topo quad31112a1 Lukeville topo quad31110a1 Nogales topo quad31108a1 Douglas topo quad31106a1 El Paso topo quad31104a1 Van Horn topo quad31102a1 Pecos topo quad31100a1 San Angelo topo quad31098a1 Brownwood topo quad31096a1 Waco topo quad31094a1 Palestine topo quad31092a1 Alexandria topo quad31090a1 Natchez topo quad31088a1 Hattiesburg topo quad31086a1 Andalusia topo quad31084a1 Dothan topo quad31082a1 Waycross topo quad31080a1 Brunswick topo quad30104a1 Marfa topo quad30102a1 Ft Stockton topo quad30100a1 Sonora topo quad30098a1 Llano topo quad30096a1 Austin topo quad30094a1 Beaumont topo quad30092a1 Lake Charles topo quad30090a1 Baton Rouge topo quad30088a1 Mobile topo quad30086a1 Pensacola topo quad30084a1 Tallahassee topo quad30082a1 Valdosta topo quad30080a1 Jacksonville topo quad29104a1 Presidio topo quad29102a1 Emory Peak topo quad29100a1 Del Rio topo quad29098a1 San Antonio topo quad29096a1 Seguin topo quad29094a1 Houston topo quad29092a1 Port Arthur topo quad29090a1 New Orleans topo quad29088a1 Breton Sound topo quad29084a1 Appalachicola topo quad29082a1 Gainesville topo quad29080a1 Daytona Beach topo quad28100a1 Eagle Pass topo quad28098a1 Crystal City topo quad28096a1 Beeville topo quad28094a1 Bay City topo quad28088a1 South of Breton Sound topo quad28082a1 Tarpon Springs / Plant City topo quad28080a1 Orlando topo quad27098a1 Laredo topo quad27096a1 Corpus Christi topo quad27082a1 St Petersburg topo quad27080a1 Ft Pierce topo quad26098a1 Mc Allen topo quad26096a1 Port Isabel topo quad26082a1 Charlotte Harbor topo quad26080a1 West Palm Beach topo quad25096a1 Brownsville topo quad25080a1 Miami topo quad24082a1 Dry Tortugas topo quad24080a1 Key West topo quad

To identify the map sheets you need, download the index maps:
1:250,000 topo index map (large version of the above)
1:100,000 topo index map

Overview of USGS Topo Maps

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) topographic maps which you can view here online are available on regular paper and waterproof material, starting at $8.95.

USGS topographic maps generally come in 3 scales:

  • 1:250,000 scale
  • 1:100,000 scale
  • 1:24,000 scale (sometimes 1:25,000 scale)

Paper maps are available for all scales.

1:250,000 scale topographic maps

Maps at 1:250,000 scale cover a large area and give a good general overview of topography and populated places. The contiguous United States are covered by a total of ca. 470 maps at this scale. This smaller scale is often used for canoe expeditions, or other activities where great distances are crossed, while high terrain detail is not necessarily required.

1:100,000 scale topographic maps

The 1:100,000 scale maps produced by USGS provide more detail than a 1:250,000 scale map, but less detail than a 1:24,000 scale map. The area covered by one 1:250,000 scale map requires a total of four 1:100,000 scale topo maps. The contiguous United States are covered by a total of ca. 1840 maps at this scale.

1:24,000 scale topographic maps

1:24,000 is the primary large-scale topographic map series published by the United States Geological Survey. These maps show high terrain detail, and are very useful for all sorts of applications and outdoor activities. In some rare areas, these maps are published at 1:25,000 scale and cover roughly the size of two 1:24,000 scale maps. You do not have a choice between the similar scales of 1:24,000 and 1:25,000 - each area is covered by either scale only. There are more than 53,300 maps available at these scales for the contiguous United States.

U.S. Topo Map Collections on DVD (1:24,000 Series)

Purchase collections of thousands of digital topographic maps on Data-DVD. The maps are Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs) produced by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The map images found on these disks are in GIF image format at a scale of 1:24,000 and 1:25,000.

YellowMaps U.S. Topo Maps Western USA DVD Collection
YellowMaps U.S. Topo Maps Central USA DVD Collection
YellowMaps U.S. Topo Maps Eastern USA DVD Collection
YellowMaps U.S. Topo Maps Contiguous USA DVD Collection

Click through the map below to purchase specific Topo DVD volumes.

DVD Volume 41 - Zone 19-1 DVD Volume 40 - Zone 18-2 DVD Volume 39 - Zone 18-1 DVD Volume 38 - Zone 17-4 DVD Volume 37 - Zone 17-3 DVD Volume 36 - Zone 17-2 DVD Volume 35 - Zone 17-1 DVD Volume 34 - Zone 16-5 DVD Volume 33 - Zone 16-4 DVD Volume 32 - Zone 16-3 DVD Volume 31 - Zone 16-2 DVD Volume 30 - Zone 16-1 DVD Volume 29 - Zone 15-5 DVD Volume 28 - Zone 15-4 DVD Volume 27 - Zone 15-3 DVD Volume 26 - Zone 15-2 DVD Volume 25 - Zone 15-1 DVD Volume 24 - Zone 14-5 DVD Volume 23 - Zone 14-4 DVD Volume 22 - Zone 14-3 DVD Volume 21 - Zone 14-2 DVD Volume 20 - Zone 14-1 DVD Volume 19 - Zone 13-5 DVD Volume 18 - Zone 13-4 DVD Volume 17 - Zone 13-3 DVD Volume 16 - Zone 13-2 DVD Volume 15 - Zone 13-1 DVD Volume 14 - Zone 12-5 DVD Volume 13 - Zone 12-4 DVD Volume 12 - Zone 12-3 DVD Volume 11 - Zone 12-2 DVD Volume 10 - Zone 12-1 DVD Volume 9 - Zone 11-5 DVD Volume 8 - Zone 11-4 DVD Volume 7 - Zone 11-3 DVD Volume 6 - Zone 11-2 DVD Volume 5 - Zone 11-1 DVD Volume 4 - Zone 10-4 DVD Volume 3 - Zone 10-3 DVD Volume 2 - Zone 10-2 DVD Volume 1 - Zone 10-1

Digital Topo maps of Alaska

Topographic maps of Alaska are available as digital image files at 1:250,000 and 1:63,360 scale on two data-DVD disks.

YellowMaps U.S. Topo Maps - Alaska South
YellowMaps U.S. Topo Maps - Alaska North

Topo maps of Hawaii

Hawaii topographic maps are not currently available on this website. However, you can contact us directly to obtain map indexes and buy these paper topo maps from us.