Michigan topographic maps

These topographic index maps for Michigan state are provided by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for map sheet identification. To locate the USGS topo quad in Michigan that you are trying to find, look at the index map of the appropriate map scale.

1:24,000 scale Michigan topo quads

The index map below is for Michigan topo quads at 1:24,000 scale. It is zoomable, and you can find the name of the 1:24,000 scale map (sometimes abbreviated as "24k") written diagonally across rectangular boxes that define the borders of the individual 24k map sheets.

Note that a rare few of the 1:24,000 scale (aka 7.5 minute) maps in Michigan state might actually be at 1:25,000 scale, which is a very minor difference in map scale. Some of these 1:25,000 scale maps also cover a larger area than regular 7.5 minute maps. Those maps are 7.5´x15´ topo quads, and can be identified on the index map below by a larger sized rectangle that is twice as wide as usual (covers twice the longitude). The map names for these sheets are labelled horizontally, not diagonally.

Michigan Topo Index Map: 1:24,000

MI topo index map 24k Scale

1:250,000 scale Michigan topo maps

Below you can find the 1:250,000 index map for Michigan state. These topo maps give a general overview of an area and cover a large area: 1° latitude by 2° longitude. A list of all Michigan topo map sheets at 250k follows on the right.

Michigan Topo Index Map: 1:250,000

MI topo index map 250k scale

1:100,000 scale Michigan topo maps

Below you can find the 1:100,000 index map for Michigan state. These topo maps give a more detailed overview of an area and cover a medium-sized area: 0.5° latitude by 1° longitude. A list of all Michigan topo map sheets at 100k follows on the right.

Michigan Topo Index Map: 1:100,000

MI topo index map 100k scale

Hover over the index map to the left to view detailed zoom.

You can also download this index map here:
Michigan topo index map at 1:100,000 Scale

100k MI topographic maps:

48089a1 Pigeon Point, MI
48088a1 Todd Harbor, MI
47089e1 Grand Portage, MI
47088e1 Siskiwit Bay, MI
47087e1 Copper Harbor Nw, MI
47086e1 Copper Harbor Ne, MI
47090a1 Outer Island, MI
47089a1 North Of Ontonagon, MI
47088a1 Hancock, MI
47087a1 Copper Harbor, MI
47086a1 Copper Harbor Se, MI
46090e1 Ashland, MI
46089e1 Ontonagon, MI
46088e1 L'Anse, MI
46087e1 Marquette, MI
46086e1 Au Sable Point, MI
46085e1 Two Hearted River, MI
46084e1 Sault Sainte Marie North, MI
46090a1 Ironwood, MI
46089a1 Wakefield, MI
46088a1 Iron River, MI
46087a1 Gwinn, MI
46086a1 Munising, MI
46085a1 Manistique Lake, MI
46084a1 Sault Sainte Marie South, MI
46083a1 Drummond, MI
45088e1 Iron Mountain, MI
45087e1 Escanaba, MI
45086e1 Manistique, MI
45085e1 Beaver Island, MI
45084e1 Cheboygan, MI
45083e1 De Tour Village, MI
45087a1 Marinette, MI
45086a1 Washington Island, MI
45085a1 Charlevoix, MI
45084a1 Petoskey, MI
45083a1 Alpena, MI
44086e1 Crystal Lake, MI
44085e1 Traverse City, MI
44084e1 Grayling, MI
44083e1 Hubbard Lake, MI
44087a1 Manitowoc, MI
44086a1 Manistee, MI
44085a1 Cadillac, MI
44084a1 Houghton Lake, MI
44083a1 Tawas City, MI
44082a1 Pointe Aux Barques, MI
43087e1 Sheboygan, MI
43086e1 Ludington, MI
43085e1 Big Rapids, MI
43084e1 Midland, MI
43083e1 Bay City, MI
43082e1 Harbor Beach, MI
43087a1 Milwaukee, MI
43086a1 Muskegon, MI
43085a1 Cedar Springs, MI
43084a1 Alma, MI
43083a1 Flint, MI
43082a1 Croswell, MI
42087e1 Racine, MI
42086e1 Holland, MI
42085e1 Grand Rapids, MI
42084e1 Lansing, MI
42083e1 Pontiac, MI
42082e1 Lake Saint Clair North, MI
42087a1 Waukegan, MI
42086a1 Benton Harbor, MI
42085a1 Kalamazoo, MI
42084a1 Jackson, MI
42083a1 Detroit, MI
42082a1 Lake Saint Clair South, MI
41087e1 Chicago, MI
41086e1 South Bend, MI
41085e1 Elkhart, MI
41084e1 Adrian, MI
41083e1 Toledo, MI