Texas topographic maps

These topographic index maps for Texas state are provided by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for map sheet identification. To locate the USGS topo quad in Texas that you are trying to find, look at the index map of the appropriate map scale.

1:24,000 scale Texas topo quads

The index map below is for Texas topo quads at 1:24,000 scale. It is zoomable, and you can find the name of the 1:24,000 scale map (sometimes abbreviated as "24k") written diagonally across rectangular boxes that define the borders of the individual 24k map sheets.

Note that a rare few of the 1:24,000 scale (aka 7.5 minute) maps in Texas state might actually be at 1:25,000 scale, which is a very minor difference in map scale. Some of these 1:25,000 scale maps also cover a larger area than regular 7.5 minute maps. Those maps are 7.5´x15´ topo quads, and can be identified on the index map below by a larger sized rectangle that is twice as wide as usual (covers twice the longitude). The map names for these sheets are labelled horizontally, not diagonally.

Texas Topo Index Map: 1:24,000

TX topo index map 24k Scale

1:100,000 scale Texas topo maps

Below you can find the 1:100,000 index map for Texas state. These topo maps give a more detailed overview of an area and cover a medium-sized area: 0.5° latitude by 1° longitude. A list of all Texas topo map sheets at 100k follows on the right.

Texas Topo Index Map: 1:100,000

TX topo index map 100k scale

Hover over the index map to the left to view detailed zoom.

You can also download this index map here:
Texas topo index map at 1:100,000 Scale

100k TX topographic maps:

36101e1 Guymon, TX
36103a1 Clayton, TX
36102a1 Dalhart, TX
36101a1 Spearman, TX
36100a1 Perryton, TX
35103e1 Mosquero, TX
35102e1 Hartley, TX
35101e1 Borger, TX
35100e1 Pampa, TX
35099e1 Foss Reservoir, TX
35103a1 Tucumcari, TX
35102a1 Vega, TX
35101a1 Amarillo, TX
35100a1 Shamrock, TX
35099a1 Elk City, TX
34103e1 The Caprock, TX
34102e1 Hereford, TX
34101e1 Tulia, TX
34100e1 Wellington, TX
34099e1 Altus, TX
34103a1 Clovis, TX
34102a1 Muleshoe, TX
34101a1 Plainview, TX
34100a1 Childress, TX
34099a1 Vernon, TX
34098a1 Burkburnett, TX
34097a1 Ardmore, TX
33103e1 Elida, TX
33102e1 Levelland, TX
33101e1 Lubbock, TX
33100e1 Dickens, TX
33099e1 Lake Kemp, TX
33098e1 Wichita Falls, TX
33097e1 Gainesville, TX
33096e1 Sherman, TX
33095e1 Paris, TX
33094e1 Idabel, TX
33103a1 Tatum, TX
33102a1 Brownfield, TX
33101a1 Slaton, TX
33100a1 Aspermont, TX
33099a1 Haskell, TX
33098a1 Graham, TX
33097a1 Denton, TX
33096a1 Mc Kinney, TX
33095a1 Sulphur Springs, TX
33094a1 Texarkana, TX
32103e1 Hobbs, TX
32102e1 Seminole, TX
32101e1 Lamesa, TX
32100e1 Snyder, TX
32099e1 Stamford, TX
32098e1 Mineral Wells, TX
32097e1 Fort Worth, TX
32096e1 Dallas, TX
32095e1 Mineola, TX
32094e1 Marshall, TX
32106a1 Las Cruces, TX
32105a1 Crow Flats, TX
32103a1 Jal, TX
32102a1 Andrews, TX
32101a1 Big Spring, TX
32100a1 Sweetwater, TX
32099a1 Abilene, TX
32098a1 Stephenville, TX
32097a1 Cleburne, TX
32096a1 Corsicana, TX
32095a1 Tyler, TX
32094a1 Henderson, TX
31106e1 El Paso, TX
31105e1 Dell City, TX
31104e1 Guadalupe Peak, TX
31103e1 Kermit, TX
31102e1 Odessa, TX
31101e1 Lacy Creek, TX
31100e1 Robert Lee, TX
31099e1 Coleman, TX
31098e1 Comanche, TX
31097e1 Waco, TX
31096e1 Mexia, TX
31095e1 Palestine, TX
31094e1 Nacogdoches, TX
31093e1 Natchitoches, TX
31106a1 Tornillo, TX
31105a1 Sierra Blanca, TX
31104a1 Van Horn, TX
31103a1 Pecos, TX
31102a1 Crane, TX
31101a1 Big Lake, TX
31100a1 San Angelo, TX
31099a1 Brady, TX
31098a1 San Saba, TX
31097a1 Temple, TX
31096a1 Marlin, TX
31095a1 Crockett, TX
31094a1 Lufkin, TX
31093a1 Leesville, TX
30105e1 Indian Hot Springs, TX
30104e1 Mount Livermore, TX
30103e1 Fort Davis, TX
30102e1 Fort Stockton, TX
30101e1 Ozona, TX
30100e1 Sonora, TX
30099e1 Mason, TX
30098e1 Llano, TX
30097e1 Taylor, TX
30096e1 Bryan, TX
30095e1 Huntsville, TX
30094e1 Livingston, TX
30093e1 De Ridder, TX
30104a1 Marfa, TX
30103a1 Alpine, TX
30102a1 Sanderson, TX
30101a1 Devils Draw, TX
30100a1 Rocksprings, TX
30099a1 Kerrville, TX
30098a1 Pedernales River, TX
30097a1 Austin, TX
30096a1 Brenham, TX
30095a1 Conroe, TX
30094a1 Beaumont, TX
30093a1 Lake Charles, TX
29104e1 Presidio, TX
29103e1 Santiago Mountains, TX
29102e1 Dove Mountain, TX
29101e1 Comstock, TX
29100e1 Camp Wood, TX
29099e1 Bandera, TX
29098e1 New Braunfels, TX
29097e1 Seguin, TX
29096e1 Eagle Lake, TX
29095e1 Houston, TX
29094e1 Anahuac, TX
29093e1 Port Arthur, TX
29104a1 Redford, TX
29103a1 Chisos Mountains, TX
29102a1 Boquillas, TX
29101a1 Amistead Village, TX
29100a1 Del Rio, TX
29099a1 Uvalde, TX
29098a1 San Antonio, TX
29097a1 Cuero, TX
29096a1 El Campo, TX
29095a1 Angleton, TX
29094a1 Galveston, TX
28103e1 Mariscal Canyon, TX
28100e1 Eagle Pass, TX
28099e1 Crystal City, TX
28098e1 Pleasanton, TX
28097e1 Goliad, TX
28096e1 Port Lavaca, TX
28095e1 Freeport, TX
28100a1 San Ambrosia Creek, TX
28099a1 Cotulla, TX
28098a1 George West, TX
28097a1 Beeville, TX
28096a1 San Antonio Bay, TX
27099e1 Laredo, TX
27098e1 Alice, TX
27097e1 Corpus Christi, TX
27096e1 Allyns Bight, TX
27099a1 San Ygnacio, TX
27098a1 Falfurrias, TX
27097a1 Baffin Bay, TX
26099e1 Zapata, TX
26098e1 Encino, TX
26097e1 Port Mansfield, TX
26099a1 Roma-Los Saenz, TX
26098a1 Mc Allen, TX
26097a1 Harlingen, TX
25097e1 Brownsville, TX