Minnesota topographic maps

These topographic index maps for Minnesota state are provided by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for map sheet identification. To locate the USGS topo quad in Minnesota that you are trying to find, look at the index map of the appropriate map scale.

1:24,000 scale Minnesota topo quads

The index map below is for Minnesota topo quads at 1:24,000 scale. It is zoomable, and you can find the name of the 1:24,000 scale map (sometimes abbreviated as "24k") written diagonally across rectangular boxes that define the borders of the individual 24k map sheets.

Note that a rare few of the 1:24,000 scale (aka 7.5 minute) maps in Minnesota state might actually be at 1:25,000 scale, which is a very minor difference in map scale. Some of these 1:25,000 scale maps also cover a larger area than regular 7.5 minute maps. Those maps are 7.5´x15´ topo quads, and can be identified on the index map below by a larger sized rectangle that is twice as wide as usual (covers twice the longitude). The map names for these sheets are labelled horizontally, not diagonally.

Minnesota Topo Index Map: 1:24,000

MN topo index map 24k Scale

1:250,000 scale Minnesota topo maps

Below you can find the 1:250,000 index map for Minnesota state. These topo maps give a general overview of an area and cover a large area: 1° latitude by 2° longitude. A list of all Minnesota topo map sheets at 250k follows on the right.

Minnesota Topo Index Map: 1:250,000

MN topo index map 250k scale

1:100,000 scale Minnesota topo maps

Below you can find the 1:100,000 index map for Minnesota state. These topo maps give a more detailed overview of an area and cover a medium-sized area: 0.5° latitude by 1° longitude. A list of all Minnesota topo map sheets at 100k follows on the right.

Minnesota Topo Index Map: 1:100,000

MN topo index map 100k scale

Hover over the index map to the left to view detailed zoom.

You can also download this index map here:
Minnesota topo index map at 1:100,000 Scale

100k MN topographic maps:

49095a1 Angle Inlet, MN
49094a1 Oak Island, MN
48097e1 Cavalier, MN
48096e1 Hallock, MN
48095e1 Roseau, MN
48094e1 Baudette, MN
48093e1 International Falls, MN
48092e1 Brule Narrows, MN
48097a1 Grafton, MN
48096a1 Thief River Falls, MN
48095a1 Grygla, MN
48094a1 Upper Red Lake, MN
48093a1 Littlefork, MN
48092a1 Crane Lake, MN
48091a1 Basswood Lake, MN
48090a1 Saganaga Lake, MN
48089a1 Pigeon Point, MN
47097e1 Grand Forks, MN
47096e1 Crookston, MN
47095e1 Fosston, MN
47094e1 Blackduck, MN
47093e1 Bigfork, MN
47092e1 Vermilion Lake, MN
47091e1 Ely, MN
47090e1 Grand Marais, MN
47089e1 Grand Portage, MN
47096a1 Ada, MN
47095a1 Lake Itasca, MN
47094a1 Cass Lake, MN
47093a1 Pokegama Lake, MN
47092a1 Hibbing, MN
47091a1 Two Harbors, MN
47090a1 Outer Island, MN
47089a1 North Of Ontonagon, MN
46096e1 Fargo, MN
46095e1 Detroit Lakes, MN
46094e1 Pine River, MN
46093e1 Aitkin, MN
46092e1 Duluth, MN
46091e1 Port Wing, MN
46096a1 Wahpeton, MN
46095a1 Battle Lake, MN
46094a1 Brainerd, MN
46093a1 Mille Lacs Lake, MN
46092a1 Sandstone, MN
45096e1 Wheaton, MN
45095e1 Lake Minnewaska, MN
45094e1 Saint Cloud, MN
45093e1 Mora, MN
45092e1 Grantsburg, MN
45096a1 Milbank, MN
45095a1 Willmar, MN
45094a1 Litchfield, MN
45093a1 Anoka, MN
45092a1 Stillwater, MN
44096e1 Clear Lake, MN
44095e1 Montevideo, MN
44094e1 Glencoe, MN
44093e1 Saint Paul, MN
44092e1 Hastings, MN
44096a1 Brookings, MN
44095a1 Tracy, MN
44094a1 New Ulm, MN
44093a1 Faribault, MN
44092a1 Rochester, MN
44091a1 Winona, MN
43096e1 Sioux Falls, MN
43095e1 Worthington, MN
43094e1 Fairmont, MN
43093e1 Albert Lea, MN
43092e1 Austin, MN
43091e1 La Crosse, MN
43095a1 Iowa Great Lakes, MN
43093a1 Mason City, MN
43092a1 Charles City, MN